1.1 Any offers, Competition Prizes or Giveaway Prizes ca not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

1.2 All Offers, Competitions and Giveaways may be withdrawn at any time by Transparent Cleaning Solutions.

1.3 All prizes must be claimed within 12 months from the winner being announced.


2.1 Images may be taken of work carried out prior to the clean commencing and after the clean has finished.

2.2 Images/Video Footage will not be linked in any way to the customer when used.

2.3 All Images/Video Footage will be used for marketing purposes, Training Purposes and quality control.

2.4 If you do not wish for Images/Video Footage to be taken/ used then please inform a member of staff and we will happily remove these from use.

2.5 All Images/Video Footage involving TCS staff are the intellectual property of Transparent Cleaning Solutions.


3.1 All bookings must be confirmed by the customer.

3.2 Once a booking is confirmed it may be cancelled upon the providing of a minimum 24 hours notice prior to the appointment date and time.

3.3 All appointments will be carried out on the date/time agreed at the time of booking. If for any reason we cannot make your appointment we will inform you as soon as possible and re-arrange it for as convenient date/time.

3.4 Some bookings may require a non refundable deposit which will be required at the time of booking.

3.5 For some cleans the time slot will be an AM or PM slot. AM slots begin at 8am, PM slots begin at 12pm and will end at 6pm.

3.6 The service booked will be the service provided unless agreed by TCS Management. Please feel free to ask for any additional services and we will endeavor to provide if possible on the appointment day or we will agree another date.

3.7 Some services may require to be split over a number of days dependent on size of job.


4.1 All cancellations must be done with a minimum of 12 hours notice to the agreed appointment date/time.

4.2 Cancellations made within the minimum 12 hour period will still be charged at the price agreed.

4.3 If a customer is not present at the property within 15 minutes of when our staff arrive, the appointment will be charged at full price and may not be rebooked again.

4.4 All fees must be paid within 14 days. If not paid we will take further action to recover the amount.

4.5 Transparent Cleaning Solutions reserve the right to refuse booking of an appointment.

4.6 All appointments booked are on a 7 day turnaround.


5.1 Once a delivery slot has been booked we require 24 hours notice to change/cancel this.

5.2 If the person designated to accept the delivery is not present at the delivery address at the specified date/time then the delivery will be returned to our depot and we will not attempt redelivery until the customer has contacted to rebook.

5.3 If a second delivery slot is booked and missed then the order will be refunded but the delivery fee will still be charged. The amount will be due within 14 days.

5.4 Delivery slots will be initially booked on a AM/PM basis with a time confirmed the day before delivery is due.

5.5 If we cannot deliver due to adverse weather or unforeseen circumstances we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange delivery for another date/time.


6.1 Seasonal Services are not available outside of the specified dates show on the service information but can be prebooked for a time when available.

6.2 Some Seasonal Services are weather dependent and can be cancelled by TCS on the day if the weather is not suitable.


7.1 All After Build Cleans, Tenancy Cleans and Deep Cleans require a 25% deposit at the time of booking.

7.2 After Build Cleans require booking 4 weeks prior to the clean date due to staff availability.

7.3 After Build Cleans will only be performed if the property is empty and all building work is complete.

7.4 Tenancy Cleans will only be performed if the property is empty.

7.5 Upon attending the property our staff have the right to postpone the service booked if they feel their safety is compromised in any way until investigated by the Transparent Cleaning Solutions management team. 

7.6 After Build Cleans are only estimated price until job is complete upon which time the accurate price will be given and due.

7.7 After Build Cleans are to remove builders dust and debris with a rough cleans nothing more unless agreed otherwise which will incur a price increase.

7.8 If on attending our team agree that a room is not complete in regards to building work completion they still can clean but only the area around the works and must be signed off by the customer agreeing that the specified room was only partially cleaned and will not be redone unless otherwise agreed and may incur additional charges.

7.9 Windows will only be wiped with a sponge and damp cloth to remove dust and debris. If a full window clean is required then this must be booked in advance and will incur extra charges for this service.


8.1 Our staff are there to clean your home. We do not currently provide a maid service.

8.2 Bedding will not be changed by our staff

8.3 If toys / clutter is present in a room this will not be moved but cleaned around.

8.4 Transparent Cleaning Solutions accept no responsibility for injury or damage to your property if children are present while the clean is being performed due to children playing with our equipment/chemicals.

8.5 Any loss/damage to our equipment/chemicals caused by yourself, children or pets will be charged to yourself for the replacement of the item.

8.6 If any damage is caused to your home by our staff it will be investigated by our management team and if we deem our staff were at fault we will arrange replacement or reimburse you for the damage via our insurance if necessary.

8.7 Other services such as Carpet Stain Removal, Oven Cleaning, Hob Cleaning, Exterior Window Cleaning must be booked as a separate service and will not be performed by our staff on a regular house clean.

8.8 You are hiring Transparent Cleaning Solutions as a company not the individual cleaner, extra items you wish to add to the clean must be authorized by our management.

8.9 28 days notice must be given to cancel an agreement with Transparent Cleaning Solutions either by email or via post. Verbal cancellation will not be accepted under any circumstances. If you do not want us to perform the remaining cleans during the 28 days notice period these will still be charged at the full standard price for your clean.

8.10 If our staff cannot gain access to a customers property within 15 minutes of the appointment time the clean will not be performed for that day and will still be charged which must be paid within 14 days.

8.11 If a customer cancels a direct debit without our knowledge we will invoice the amount to the customer which will be due within 7 days.

8.12 When a check list has been agreed, any changes must be authorized by the management team.

8.13 If a customer requires Eco chemicals to be used then we are happy to provide these at an additional cost of £10 per appointment.

8.14 A Bedding in period of 4 weeks stands with all  Regular House Cleans where a customer can add or remove items they wish to be cleaned. After this 4 week period no alterations will be made to the agreed Checklist for a period of 11 months. On the 1 year anniversary a meeting will be performed with the client to assess customer satisfaction over the last 12 months where the customer will have the right once again to add or remove items from the clean which may be subject to price increase/decrease.


9.1 One off services will be payable by Cash, Car or Bank Transfer on the day of the service unless agreed at the time of booking to split over 3 monthly payments.

9.2 Direct debit payments will be charged at the set amount and on the set days as agreed when set up. A missed direct debit payment will be attempted 3 working days later and if fails a second time the direct debit will be cancelled and the full amount outstanding will be due plus a £15 admin charge.

9.3 If payment is not received in full within 28 days or a payment plan has not been set up further action will be taken by the small claims court, high court bailiffs and application for CCJ in the aforementioned order. All costs incurred by this recovery action will be added to the outstanding balance and due in the set out agreement by the courts.

9.4 If the total price of a booking cleaned exceeds £200 we will require a deposit before the clean booking is confirmed for our security. The deposit amount will be taken off the total invoice amount and in the event the clean is cancelled within 24 hours the deposit is non refundable.


10.1 All complaints must be submitted via e-mail to enquiries@transparentcleaningsolutions.com within 24 hours of the appointment time or writing to Transparent Cleaning Solutions, 395 South Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3TD within 48 hours.

10.2 Please contact us before leaving any negative feedback as this can hinder/prevent a possible resolution being made as genuine mistakes can happen.

10.3 All complaints must be brought to the attention of Transparent Cleaning Solutions within 24 hours.

10.4 All complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner and only by Transparent Cleaning Solutions management.

10.5 If necessary our Quality Control Supervisor will attend your property to discuss the complaint, taking images of what the complaint is regarding and if needed a statement from yourself. If we deem it necessary an investigation will take place surrounding the complaint.

10.6 If a complaint is regarding a member of staff then this member of staff will not be returning to your home and will be replaced with another if required. If necessary your clean wil be suspended during the investigation.

10.7 If a complaint is due to damage in your property your clean will be suspended whilst we carry out an investigation.

10.8 Any correspondence regarding a complaint must be made in writing and will  not be accepted if made verbally.

10.9 Any complaint which should arise is found to be on social media or any other platform before the complaint has been investigated and an outcome has been reached will invalidate the complaint and this will be accepted by Transparent Cleaning Solutions as a resolution and admittance of customer liability. 

10.10 If an outcome has been reached in the favor of the customer and is posted on social media, to the press or any other platform the outcome will be revoked and if compensation is paid to the customer then Transparent Cleaning Solutions will seek repossession of said compensation whether it be monetary or physical items by the means of legal action if required. 

10.11 Any slander or deformation on Social Media, Paper Media or any other platform which is seen to damage Transparent Cleaning Solutions reputation, legal action may be taken and compensation will be sought from the customer.


11.1 If a member of our staff feels threatened in any way whilst in a customers home or on their property they have our expressed permission to leave your property immediately.

11.2 Any unacceptable behavior in any form will be reported to Transparent Cleaning Solutions management and the Police will be notified if needed.

11.3 Any Sexist, Racist, Homophobic or Derogatory comments/actions towards Transparent Cleaning Solutions staff will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police immediately.

11.4 Any threats of violence made towards Transparent Cleaning Solutions staff will be reported to the police.

11.5 If a staff member feels they are in danger in a customers property they have the right to leave the property immediately.


12.1 Any issues with work carried out must be reported within 24 hours of service completion.

12.2 When any issues occur we will send out another staff member to rectify the problem

12.3 This satisfaction guarantee does not or will not entitle any money back, discount or refund.

12.4 If Transparent Cleaning Solutions are refused a second visit to rectify the original problem the customer is no longer entitled to this guarantee and by refusing Transparent Cleaning Solutions a reasonable attempt to rectify any issue with quality of work carried out you (the customer) is agreeing that the issue has been resolved.

12.5 . If you are unhappy with he outcome please refer to COMPLAINTS above. 


14.1 Our Pressure Washing Service is seasonal and will only be performed between 1st March and 30th September (weather dependent)

14.2 If cars are present on driveway when we attend the clean will not be performed.

14.3 If re-sand and re-seal are required these will be performed within 4 weeks of the initial clean (weather dependent)

14.4 All items such as garden furniture, plant pots and children's toys must be removed by the customer prior to the clean commencing.

14.5 Payment is due upon completion of initial Pressure Wash appointment.


14.1 Internal Commercial Cleans will be performed out of business hours unless pre agreed

14.2 External commercial Cleans such as Pressure Washing / Graffiti Removal will be performed out of business hours 

14.3 External Commercial Cleans such as Window Cleaning will be performed before opening

14.4 All commercial cleans are charged at a 2 hour minimum charge as standard


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