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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Can you use my equipment?
    Whilst using your equipment is an option there are a few things to consider: - Who replaces the equipment when it breaks? - Who is responsible if someone gets an injury from using it? - If a clean can't be completed due to broken equipment do i still pay for it? - Our staff may not be covered by our insurance as not using our equipment? - Who's responsibility is it to maintain the equipment? - Does your home insurance cover injury to third parties from your equipment? In short, we would rather provide our own equipment to ensure it is up to our standards and so we can achieve the highest possible quality within your home/business. All of our equipment is maintained and serviced to ensure it is working correctly and does the job it is meant to do.
  • Do you use Eco friendly cleaning products?
    A good question... We do try and use eco cleaners where we can. We try and reduce our carbon footprint by using concentrates with reusable bottles to limit our plastic waste, we use the same cleaning products in your home as we would in a commercial setting enabling us to achieve higher quality results than using off the shelf store bought cleaning products. We also use microfibre cloths where we can as these can be reused. We can use plant based cleaners eg: Method, Ecover etc however these are not available in the commercial quantities we would need or in concentrate form increasing our carbon footprint and cost. If a customer requires the use of these due to allergies etc we would be more than happy to discuss these as an option.
  • How long will a clean take?
    Each home is different and everyone requires different things, due to this we dont like to give exact timescales on how long a clean will take, some weeks a clean may be quicker, some weeks it may take a little longer to ensure you always get everything you need and pay for.
  • What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?
    We want to ensure all of our customers are happy with the work they receive from our Residential & Commercial cleaning services and Janitorial Supply service which is why we have our Satisfaction Guarantee. ​ If you are unhappy with he service you receive then please give our office a call within 24 hours of the original service where one of our staff will happily go through any problems and unsatisfactory cleaning in your home or business. ​ Under this guarantee we will perform a return visit to your property to rectify any unsatisfactory work as the first part of our complaints/refunds procedure. ​ IF you are still unhappy with the work after the second visit one of our management team will come out and perform checks on the work completed and speak with you about why you are still unhappy. After this second visit if satisfaction hasn't been reached then you will be eligable to go through our complaints procedure. ​ PRESSURE WASHING The satisfaction guarantee covers only for the wash, resand and reseal elements of the service. While we will remove weeds and moss we cannot guarantee they won't return due to weather factors. Any issues with weeds returning will only be dealt with by us within a 28 days period of the original wash itself. Outside of the 28 days Transparent Cleaning Solutions will not return to re-remove weeds etc.

bookings & pricing

Payments Accepted

We offer many forms of payment to our customers; Cash, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Cheque, Card payments & Online payments


Due to what happens in the world on a daily basis our prices can change accordingly, some services we can give an instant price form but others will always require a tailored price as everyone requires a slightly different service.


We will always require confirmation from the customer for a booking, if this confirmation isnt given we won't attend.

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